Public Sector call centres lagging behind Private Sector

Research carried out by Rostrvm Solutions has shown that public sector call centres are not making the most of technology such as Computer Telephone Integration (CTI).

In today’s challenging environment, every organisation needs to be as efficient as possible. Rostrvm Solutions’ research has shown that less than 20% of public sector contact centres take advantage of the technology compared with over 50% in the private sector

Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions commented “Public authorities need to look closely at the advantages brought about by CTI. With efficiency being a hot topic in the public sector at present with initiatives such as ‘National Indicator 14: Reducing Avoidable Contact’ and the efficiency agenda, it is essential that public bodies use the best available technology to streamline customer contact, consolidate business processes and deliver services as efficiently as possible. With all the advantages that CTI has to offer, public authorities can begin the move towards better efficiency in their contact centres.”

Rostrvm’s research also highlighted the large number of different software applications used by call centre agents to process calls – the numbers ranged from 1 to 20+. Call centre agents use an average of 4 software applications to process a call. Managing multiple applications is a large drain on resources that can be addressed with CTI technology 

Full survey details are available by clicking here. 

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