Hosted predictive dialler benefits

Hosted predictive diallers bring all the operational and business advantages of automated dialling to your call centre in a straightforward, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-afford package.

No capital investment

Our hosted dialler is designed to operate in your call centre without committing you to long term investments. The majority of call centres can take advantage of our hosted dialling facility with no capital investment at all. If you have a phone, a phone line, a PC that comfortably runs Windows XP and good access to the internet that you can use our dialler straight away.

No ‘lock in’

Talking to your customers and prospects is a really great idea – Well isn’t it?

Most of the time the business benefits of making calls are completely obvious; but there are occasions when it makes sense to test out the business case. Hosted diallers give you the opportunity to try out your business idea without commitment to long term investments.

No complex IT to support

Automated dialling demands clever technology. In a hosted deployment the complex components, software servers, relational databases, fast connections to the telephone network and high-speed data networking are all handled ‘in the cloud’. All of these solution elements are managed for you by the hosted dialler supplier.

All you need is a phone line , a standard PC and an internet link for each of your call centre agents and system managers and you can be up and running.

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