Perform better with rostrvm training

As part of its training package, UK-based contact centre software developer, Rostrvm Solutions, is introducing new certified qualifications. In addition, Rostrvm is pleased to  welcome Ben Alexander to its Training team.

Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander

Ben joined Rostrvm’s training team recently having previously worked in both Support and Training at LANDesk, Touchpaper and royalblue. We offer training as part of the package from the outset and also as a stand-alone service. Rostrvm is also there to offer refresher courses further down the line, for example, when new product releases come out, so that the full benefits can be gained. 

Rostrvm trains on site or in its offices – one of the advantages of being a UK-based company! Whether the contact centre is inbound, outbound, business to business, business to customer … we go into the business and work with our customers to look at how they use the system, and agree the gaps in knowledge that, when addressed, can totally revolutionise operations and performance. We don’t have an ‘off the shelf’ training package – to make it relevant and meaningful we look at everything and everyone involved in the process – what they are using and who uses it – and come up with a cost-effective training programme.

Rostrvm is introducing a certified training qualification so that customers will be able to include it on items like CVs and resumes as a formal, tangible result. Watch this space!

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