We’ve changed our contact details

Rostrvm Solutions has changed the telephone numbers for our support desk, switchboard and fax.

Why have we changed?

A review of our ‘disaster recovery’ procedures highlighted that key operational areas, such as our customer support desk, were at risk during an external incident. For example the UK suffered difficult snow conditions during 2010 and 2011; we maintained a full support desk during these conditions but only as result of staff struggling through difficult circumstances to reach the office. The new numbers mean that we can more easily service our customers even if our team can’t reach the office.

Additionally continued business growth means that Rostrvm Solutions will need to move offices during 2012. Our new phone numbers mean that the change of location will be transparent to our customers.

Our support call centre can now  be contacted by telephone  on 08432 163502

Other contact details are available here.

Can I continue to use the old numbers?

The old numbers remain available – at least until we move offices!

I can’t use the new numbers – Help!

We recognise that some customers may have some difficulty using the new numbers – particularly those outside the UK.

Alternative numbers available during UK office hours are given below

Support Desk: +44 1483 744600

Switchboard: +44 1483 744500

Fax: +44 1483 744447

Please note that these alternative numbers are expected to change during 2012. Please check back here frequently to ensure that you have the correct numbers.

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