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25 years solid experience powers software developer Rostrvm Solutions

Monday, December 12th, 2011

As Woking-based contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions celebrates 25 years we asked Ken Reid about the ingredients of its success and how it has seen off more than one recession!

25 years of contact centre software

25 years of call centre software

Q: Why do you think Rostrvm Solutions has been successful in the contact centre business and continues to be so today, even during these tough economic times?

I think it’s because Rostrvm has its own research and development facility so that we can be innovative and produce products that are future-proof, which is vital with telecommunications. Our software is flexible and can be used with all kinds of hardware and other systems – hosted or on-site. Of course cost plays a part – our products provide value for money and that is only possible because we configure our software to exactly meet the needs of our customers. Rostrvm is proud of its reputation for listening to its customers.

When you design, develop and support software applications for the call centre and back office process management and reporting, you really have to be sure you come up with the right solution each time and we are experts at it.

Customers often say to us that we were the first contact centre technology supplier they spoke to who had enough experience to be able to ‘hit the ground running’ by understanding business needs instead of ‘trying to fit a square peg into a round hole’.

Q: How did Rostrvm start and what experience has it gained?

Rostrvm was established in 1986 as the technology division of a financial trading applications company, royalblue – but we actually go back further than that – to Intercom Data Systems (IDS), which was founded in 1981.

IDS were an independently-owned software company, supplying solutions to the telecommunications, financial and helpdesk industry. A noteworthy innovation by IDS was the Operator Assistance Software (OAS), one of the world’s largest computer-supported telephony applications at the time. It was used by BT’s Operator Services to deliver a wide range of call handling and information services and, crucially, was part of the digital transformation of the PSTN in the UK. The technology under which OAS operated was the precursor to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and provided the link between an organisation’s telephony, its information systems and its people. It was essentially the first generation of the rostrvm platform that we have today.

A change of name by IDS to royalblue technologies in the mid-eighties, coupled with a new public image saw its CTI platform, rostrvm, quickly emerge as the leading UK player in the telephony software market; rostrvm and royalblue stood out in an increasingly US-dominated market.

Rostrvm Solutions retains a strong culture of independence with a clear understanding of customers’ real operational needs, with the aim of being ahead of the game and delivering clear financial benefits. We have extensive experience and a successful track record in supplying software solutions to some of the largest call handling operations in the public and private sectors.

Q: You mentioned the importance of being ahead of the game with your products so that they take customers forward …

Absolutely. Moving with the times is essential to any business but especially in communications – just look at the vast changes we have seen over the last 20 years! During the 1990s the call centre expanded from an ‘inbound’ customer service focus to incorporate proactive technologies such as the rostrvm predictive dialler. And towards the end of the 20th Century, productivity through call centre blending and support tools for call centre agents gained emphasis. New technologies such as the Internet and mobile communication have made an even bigger impact on the call centre, making it more of a ‘contact’ centre and even changing the way people work in them. The continued evolution of this industry will always be linked to the development of communication technology, and Rostrvm is working on further innovations for the future as we speak.

Q: How do you keep things fresh?

Keeping on with our research, listening to our users and having the best engineers ensure we stay ahead and that our customers trust us to provide innovative solutions for them.
Our continued commitment to technological and commercial innovation led to recognition by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan and the presentation of an award for “Global Excellence in Technology Innovation”.

Q: What next?

Our rostrvm application suite helps organisations to achieve and exceed business objectives whilst delivering personalised customer service.

The contact centre faces significant challenges; consumers want to use an increasing number of communications channels – including social media – whilst economic conditions mean that costs need to be contained. In summary more needs to be done with less.

Technologies such as rostrvm’s ResourceBroker task blending and the associated operational and management challenges will come to the forefront.

Making the right improvements in the contact centre.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Our latest newsletter looks at making the right improvements in the contact centre.

It doesn’t matter how many ways a contact centre communicates with a customer – telephone, email, social networking sites, SMS, blog … the crucial point is that the medium and the messages should be helping to build better relationships with customers.

You can view the newsletter online. If you want to receive your copy as soon as it is published then please contact us.

Telefocus – finalists at Contact Centre Innovations Awards

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Telefocus Limited, an outsourced call centre provider of high performance inbound and outbound campaigns, was a finalist at The Contact Centre Innovation Awards 2011. Telefocus utilises the rostrvm CallDirector ACD inbound call handling software and outbound dialler service from Rostrvm Solutions.

The Contact Centre Innovation Awards were held at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham’s NEC, as part of the Customer Conference Planning 2011 conference, organised by the Professional Planning Forum.

Telefocus tailors its services to provide cost-effective marketing solutions. In the last two years alone, it has achieved over 1,000,000 sales of client products and services.

The Contact Centre Innovation Awards are a showcase for organisations that are leading the way in making their contact centre operations great places to work and to contact. This includes innovations that put the customer at the heart of call handling and back office operations.

During the Telefocus presentation at the Professional Planning Forum conference the benefits of using rostrvm software were highlighted including being able to use blending between inbound and outbound campaigns, quality improvements, more fulfilled staff, reduced inbound abandon rates, smaller average customer queue times, less system training time required and 50% more calls handled using the same resource as before.

Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions commented, “We are delighted that Telefocus was a finalist for this prestigious award and congratulate them on their achievements. Innovation often triumphs through being flexible and we are pleased that the Rostrvm software, together with Rostrvm’s pay-for-use service, has helped Telefocus achieve its goals and more.”

For further information please get in touch via our contact us page.

Discover flexible software

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Discover Leisure plc, a premier outdoor leisure retailer specialising in the caravan and motorhome market, has maximised its resources and saved on installation time by adding rostrvm software to existing communications technology.

Discover required a dialler to automate and integrate outbound customer service calls, insurance renewals, and after sales follow-up.

Tim Ormrod, IT Manager at Discover, said, “We had already invested in VoIP technology to save money on telephone calls. Rostrvm software is very flexible so we were able to integrate the dialler with our existing VoIP gateway and ViBE. ViBE delivers QOS, a significant increase in call throughput over existing bandwidth, Encryption, Line Bonding, Failover capabilities to ensure the calls stay in progress, and realtime stats on the underlying network in use.”

Tim adds, “We also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on laptops, to connect to the Rostrvm dialler, to enable some of our employees to work from home – ensuring that we can provide an uninterrupted service at all times.

“We made considerable savings and it was all deployed very rapidly with Rostrvm. As well as the Outbound dialler, we also benefit from the rostrvm CallDirectorACD inbound contact management system, which has allowed us to enhance our service offering to customers by improving the way that calls are dealt with and managed.”

Now, customer calls from all regions are automatically routed into Discover’s Head Office over VoIP and picked up and displayed on the Rostrvm system, where they can be handled appropriately.

Tim said, “Head Office can either take the call or divert it back out to the relevant person, which has improved our customer response times and the quality of our customer service. In addition, the call is logged so we can see who called, at what time, for what department and maintain a record of everything that’s going on. All the information in rostrvm has been integrated with our back-end management system that holds all the details of our stock, customer data etc, to support faster customer service. The ease of integration and the support that we have received has been excellent.”

For further information please get in touch via our contact us page.

For ViBE please contact Jonathan Nelson at Voipex (ViBE) on 01473 359816, or email or visit

Blended call centre calculator

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Contact blending in the call centre increases operational effectiveness allowing call centre agents to handle more contacts in any given period. But what do we mean by ‘blending’?

Call centre blending commonly means combining inbound and outbound telephone call activity – typically using ‘spare’ staff capacity to make outbound calls during periods of low inbound call demand.

However blending is not just about combining inbound and outbound telephone calls – blending can also be used for combining telephone calls and other contact demands such as emails.

Click here to access Rostrvm Solutions’ email blending calculator.

Brookson revolutionises client acquisition

Monday, October 26th, 2009
Brookson Accountancy and Support Services

Brookson Accountancy and Support

Brookson, a leading provider of accountancy, tax advice and support services to freelance contractors and self employed professionals who work in business for themselves, has adopted advanced contact centre technology to support a revolutionary approach to attracting new clients.

The new contact centre technology delivers an additional element in a multifaceted set of client touch-points combining Brookson’s interactive web site, electronic marketing and the telephone.

“Even with today’s powerful information tools such as the internet, the telephone remains an important communication tool” commented Chris Bowden, Sales and Marketing Director. “Prospective clients appreciate the immediacy and personal touch provided by an informative telephone call. The contact centre technology fully supports this and Brookson’s commitment to providing excellent levels of customer service”

The new contact centre technology combines automated outbound calling and inbound call handling from Rostrvm Solutions. The rostrvm technology is being implemented at Brookson’s offices in Warrington following a successful ‘proof-of-concept’ trial using Opal Telecom’s hosted call centre service.

“By starting with a hosted implementation we have proven that using the rostrvm system, and dialler technology in particular, as part of the marketing mix increases our sales” continued Chris. “Now that the concept is successful, bringing the technology in-house means that we can take advantage of closer integration with our IT systems to personalise our interactions with prospects. The technology also increases our operational efficiency giving us the option of inbound-outbound call blending to deliver top-quality service.”

About Brookson

Brookson is a leading provider of accountancy, tax advice and support services to freelance contractors and self employed professionals who work in business for themselves. Brookson supports people in their chosen way of working through its limited company, sole trader and umbrella company services. As a 150 strong accountancy service, managing the affairs of over 9000 customers, Brookson is committed to offer the very best service, support and advice.

Brookson’s Online Navigator Money Manager portal underpins Brookson’s claim to offer one of the most innovative contractor accountant services available on the UK market. Allowing clients to access their business financial information 24/7, the system has been designed to help customers run their businesses more effectively by providing up to date financial information at their finger tips.