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Equity Insurance Partnerships Case Study

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Equity Insurance Partnerships, one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance solutions to affinity partners, has seen an increase in productivity since installing rostrvm Outbound predictive dialler and rostrvm CallGuide in its dedicated outbound contact centre.

rostrvm CallGuide on the desktop provides full scripting tools and process management functions, to support agents through different types of calls. The rostrvm outbound dialler integrates effectively with other business systems and efficient performance management tools allow all levels of granularity – every detail of the business – to be seen.

The case study is available here.

Latest edition of rostrvm News

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The latest edition of rostrvm News is available now. This month’s edition looks at combining the intelligence you gain from your inbound call centre to improve performance of your outbound, predictive dialler activities.

You can also access our paper discussing this issue in detail from here.

Putting intelligence into dialler campaigns

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Complying with the latest regulatory guidelines whilst striving to achieve targets on outbound predictive dialler campaigns is often a tough challenge for contact centres – but there is an answer. Using intelligence from inbound communications can not only aid compliance but also achieve a significant increase in outbound contact success…

Using intelligence gained from inbound communications can not only aid compliance but also achieve a significant increase in outbound contact success.

We think it makes sense that if you’re contacting an existing customer you should check first to see what time they chose to call you and to contact them at that same time.  Knowing when to call customers, to catch them when they are most likely to be in ‘buying mode’, presents the single most important challenge for outbound campaigns. Having intelligence from inbound data, which enables you to plan calls, puts you ahead of those who dial blindly, hoping to make contact, because around 70% of their attempts will fail.

Using inbound intelligence also allows contact centres to utilize their call agents more effectively, because they are less likely to be waiting around to speak to customers.

The rostrvm call centre suite enables contact centres to obtain intelligence like this from their inbound communications and use it to gain as much as a double-digit increase in outbound operational efficiency, depending on specific campaign circumstances.

More detail on how to use inbound intelligence to enhance predictive dialler operational efficiency is available at Rostrvm Solution’s web site –

Avoiding a £750,000 fine….

Friday, April 20th, 2012

You may have read or heard about a record £750,000 fine imposed recently by Ofcom (see Ofcom’s press release and this article in the Daily Mail).

In particular HomeServe seem to have fallen foul of Ofcom’s guidelines on the use of Answer Machine Detect. As a leading UK-based designer and developer of predictive diallers Rostrvm Solutions has been advising customers and prospects on the compliant, productive use of the dialling technology for many years


You can read more about our advice and opinions on Ofcom’s guidelines at our web site

Or why not contact us to learn more?

Professional Planning Forum 2012 – next week

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

We are joining industry professionals at the ‘Customer Contact Planning 2012’ conference at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool next week. Will we see you there?

Ken Reid from Rostrvm is participating in the National OutBound Forum at the conference on Monday 23 April. The forum will aim to provide an insight from outbound professionals and industry leaders into developing a proactive outbound strategy. It’s one not to miss and here’s why …

It’s crucial that contact centres get their outbound operations right, both to comply with regulations and to ensure that the needs of both customers and the business are being met.  This forum will focus on optimising predictive dialler campaigns alongside other contact approaches and engaging in operational best practice.

You can learn more about the rostrvm OutBound predictive dialling system here.

Planning guide for predictive dialler

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The latest edition of Rostrvm Solutions’ planning guide for outbound call centre campaigns has been published. This third edition has been updated following the issue of revised guidelines on the use of automated dialling from Ofcom and subsequent regulatory activity.

Predictive dialer

Planning Guide

We believe this guide is necessary primarily because it is still not widely understood that the dynamics of an outbound call centre are fundamentally different from an inbound operation.  So to maximise your chances of success, the planning, implementation and execution need to take these very different dynamics into account.  This point really is worth driving home:  fail to understand these different dynamics – and however much planning you do – you will plan to fail.

The myriad of regulation that surrounds predictive dialer technology and  outbound campaigns also present a potential minefield; but remember the legislation is there to protect consumers and so it is in your interests to comply with it!

The updated guide and other call centre planning tools are available to logged in users from the Rostrvm Solutions web site