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Aviva links web to rostrvm call centre

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Back in August ServiceTick and Rostrvm Solutions announced an initiative to ensure close integration of their respective products to deliver high levels of functionality and value to their customers. This partnership is now bearing fruit! On 30th September ServiceTick presented a case study at the Professional Planning Forum event at Heathrow which shows how Aviva use rostrvm OutBound, their strategic dialler platform, in conjunction with ServiceTick to maximise conversion rates on leads and contacts from the Aviva web site.

ServiceTick delivers contact data and business intelligence to rostrvm OutBound in real-time so that Aviva agents can respond in timely manner. Business rules prioritise calls and allocate resources to the task in hand and agents are provided with all the information they need to do an effective job by the rostrvm CallGuide desktop application.

Breaking down web to call centre barriers

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Today’s consumer expects excellent service every time they get in touch with a business. Rostrvm Solutions and ServiceTick Limited have combined technical forces to capture instant customer feedback from web interactions and translate information into call centre action.For example a prospective customer might visit your website to request a quotation but not complete the sale. ServiceTick intervenes in the process and passes the quotation details to the rostrvm system in the call centre. The rostrvm system takes control of the transaction passing the enquiry to an appropriately skilled person and automatically making a service call to the prospective customer.

Martin Trott, ServiceTick’s Managing Director, commented “Many organisations treat the web and the call centre as distinct contact channels… but their customers don’t see it that way! Breaking down the barriers between the web and the call centre means that businesses can react with a personal touch no matter why the customer should be contacted – rescuing a lost sales opportunity or resolving a service issue.”

“A highlight of the combined rostrvm and ServiceTick offering is ease of deployment” remarked Lindsay Brown, Rostrvm Solutions’ Technical Director “Dynamic integration can be easily plumbed in to existing web sites and call centres”

You can learn more by visiting ServiceTick at the Call Centre Expo at the NEC, 22-23 September 2009, Stand G25

Linking the web and the call centre

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Today’s consumer has a wide choice of channels to learn about products and services with the internet becoming a dominant first-point-of-contact for information. But when the customer wants to learn more there is no substitute for person-to-person contact.

For several years the rostrvm call centre application suite has incorporated facilities to link web contact such as forms, call me buttons and interactive quotation applications to the call centre. These links deliver the information the customer has provided on the web to the call centre agent and rostrvm automatically calls the customer. The agent is armed with relevant information and the call is made productively.

Until now this integration has been specifically configured for each call centre’s web site and call centre application. In order to reduce the complexity rostrvm has introduced a simple POST/GET interface. The new facility allows web sites to submit a call request directly to the call centre system. This request also contains the information the call centre agent needs to handle the request.

Ken Reid, Marketing Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented “This new development is another step in our strategic support for unified multimedia contact. In recent years the call centre’s purpose has changed from simple transactional activity to an environment where your customers can make contact for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of media. Our approach is to provide unified multimedia support to the call centre and deliver proactive support to the business to efficiently manage multiple contact points.”

Mystery shopper research highlights failure to facilitate person-to-person contact via the web

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

A new financial service benchmark report shows the industry is missing out on online sales opportunities by failing to provide online visitors with easy access to human contact. The mystery shopper research, commissioned by Rostrvm Solutions, reveals that while 92% of financial services clearly display a telephone  number, just 14% provide a Call Me Back facility and a tiny 3% offer a Live Chat instant messenger option.

The mystery shopper looked at the web sites of more than 100 financial services providers spanning mortgages, personal pensions, insurance and loan products. It investigated out how easy it is for consumers to instigate a telephone or live chat conversation with brands while they are online; in particular the research focused on the availability and reliability of Call Me Back features, which allow online visitors to request a call back from a call centre agent at a time and date of their choice.

Rostrvm Solutions has published the research in a benchmark industryreport available for download at