Rule of thumb: How many trunks?

November 12th, 2012

Formual to calculate telephone linesWe’ve published our Rule of Thumb: Calculating the number of trunks (telephone channels) needed in an inbound call centre.

The number of trunks is equal to the number of concurrent agents active in the call centre multiplied by 1.2.

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The consumer strikes back!

November 6th, 2012

Does the name Richard Herman ring any bells? He might be a customer of yours – or he might be on your list of potential customers. What you should know though is that he has won his argument against AAC, which sells referrals to management companies, for receiving nuisance cold calls.

On his new website, ‘’, Richard says: “Like all of us my wife and I get phoned at home by people wanting to claim back PPI from the banks … I was feeling oppressed …”

Richard got so angry when the same company kept calling, even though he’d asked them to stop and was registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), that he started recording the calls and took his case to the small claims court. He settled out of court and got £195 for 19-and-a-half minutes of calls, plus a £25 court fee, which, some say, may open the floodgates to further claims from homeowners plagued by similar unwanted calls.

It isn’t just PPI. Those contact centres which continue with outbound campaigns with no controls, thinking that little fines such as this are a small price to pay, are misguided. It really should be enough of a deterrent that consumers clearly get annoyed – and worse, some get frightened, by repeated nuisance calls. The banks currently have a reputation for being ‘banksters’ – what name will your business be given if you get caught – even if you can afford the fine?

It is not difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive to comply with current legislation and still run a successful campaign. Think of it this way, if you are calling thousands of people weekly, how much would it cost if you had to pay some of them £195 each?

rostrvm software helps contact centres meet specific regulatory needs via features like:  CallGuide scripting, sophisticated redial rules, limiting the number of dialling attempts made in a campaign and voice recording control to support FSA & PCI needs.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), provides guidance on opt-in, opt-out procedures for consumers. rostrvm supports this with easy-to-use facilities at the agent desktop to record ‘do-not-call’ requests. Additional administrator controls are provided to fine tune “Do Not Call” processes.

Rostrvm provides real-time information for easy call monitoring and also maintains historical records of activity and a log of configuration changes. This information can be used to support the dialler user’s record-keeping.

Lastly, rostrvm OutBound provides facilities to dynamically cross check your data with that of organisations such as the TPS as calling lists are loaded and/or updated during the course of a dialling campaign.

*Ofcom’s “Revised statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service 2010” is available at

Looking forward to the National Best Practice Seminar

November 2nd, 2012

Rostrvm Solutions is sponsoring the Outbound Stream for the Professional Planning Forum’s National Best Practice Seminar being held next week at Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester. This is a must attend event for planners and analysts who want to keep up to date.

More information and booking details are available here.

Contact Management: Rules of thumb

October 23rd, 2012

Rules of thumbImplementing a call centre from scratch or making changes and additions to an existing contact management operation requires careful thought and planning.

We frequently have conversations with customers along the following lines “I’m thinking about a new facility. Before I undertake the detailed planning I just need a rough idea about….”

Our “Contact Management Rules of Thumb” provide broad-brush answers  to Frequently Asked Questions based on a combination of mathematical analysis and empirical evidence from real-world users.

For example we are often asked “What productivity gain will I get from a predictive dialler?

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Rostrvm – News and Events

October 18th, 2012

Our latest newsletter is now available including details of our outbound dialler case study with Equity Insurance Partnerships.

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Call centre staff honoured at the North West awards

October 15th, 2012

Rostrvm_WineThe winners of the 2012 North West Contact Centre Awards have been announced. Over 450 guests representing 37 companies attended the Hollywood-themed gala dinner, held at the Palace Hotel, Manchester on Friday 12th October – with table wine sponsored by Rostrvm Solutions!

Now in their seventh year the awards organised by CallNorthWest, part of the University of Central Lancashire celebrate excellence and best practice in the sector within the North West.  CallNorthWest project manager, Alison Hitchen said This year the judges were impressed by the high standards set by our finalists, passionate, dedicated and inspirational were just some of the words used over and over within the feedback. The gala dinner was a fantastic finale to this year’s programme, congratulations to everyone involved.”

Margaret Bruce, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Engagement at UCLan added,

“We thank all our finalists for sharing their stories and for making the North West a region to be proud of. We look forward to building on the nights successes with an exciting year ahead.

Details of the winners are available here.