Why use a predictive dialer?

The heart of any outbound contact management suite is the rostrvm predictive dialler delivering high performance contact with your customers and prospects. 

But outbound contact management is not just about high performance. It’s about

Targeting your campaigns

Measuring the business benefits as well as the operational performance

 Keeping your promises to call back

Fulfilling your ‘call me’ and web form requests

Making the right contact in the right way with telephone calls, text messages and email

Optimising agent performance with task blending

Outbound contact management is one element of the rostrvm suite of call centre applications that give your customers high quality joined-up transactions whether you contact them or they contact you.


Inbound call handling

complements outbound in many ways – inbound uses outbound to so that you keep your promises to call back – and if a customer calls you as a result of your outbound call then the call will be routed and handled perfectly.


Supporting your agents

Desktop tools for call centre agents range from ‘screen popping’ caller information to a scripting system that brings together multiple data systems and drives your business processes.


Managing performance

Enterprise reporting, agent analytics and management applications provide operational and business performance information to all levels of your enterprise.  

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