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Predictive dialler news update

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Just in case you missed it, predictive diallers have been in the news again. Ofcom has published new consumer guidance on silent calls following a more-than-three-fold increase in complaints in one year.

Our guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful dialler campaign has been updated to incorporate the latest guidelines from Ofcom.

Where does a call end? probably not in the call centre!

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Front office call centres have many sophisticated tools to support staff activities and to provide your business with comprehensive real-time and historical management information. Rostrvm Solutions has extended the tools delivered to the call centre to provide support and control to back office operations.

rostrvm BackOffice supports recording of work states for ALL staff with information recorded in the rostrvm management information system (MIS) database.

rostrvm CallGuide provides active workflow to the administrative function. CallGuide supports consistent procedures and, for those operations where customer and transaction information is repeatedly re-keyed, rostrvm automates the process to reduce avoidable errors and stop time being wasted.

If you would like to bring call centre efficiency to your supporting functions why not contact us?

Does your predictive dialler comply with the regulations?

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

We would be happy to help you to review your predictive dialler to check its compliance to regulations and guidelines. If you would like to take advantage of this service just contact us.

Alternatively if you would like to check out your operation yourself we have made the template and guide used by our consultants available to you.

Click here to download the dialler compliance template.
Requires Acrobat Reader or similar PDF reader. Document opens in a new Window


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Call centre managers can review the challenges and benefits of task blending to optimise call centre resources in a seminar session at the Professional Planning Forum next week. Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions will draw on twenty years industry experience to explain how managers can fine-tune the balance between real-time resource availability and demand across multiple media and multiple tasks in order to maximise staff productivity in trying economic times.
The seminar will examine methods of maximising spare capacity by mixing and matching available agents to communications requirements. Delegates will benefit from Ken’s extensive industry experience of optimising call centres using call blending and learn how business rules can be employed to meet operational targets, service levels and staff motivation needs, as well as how to use call blending to handle multi-channel enquiries. 
Ken Reid explains, “The modern contact centre still tends to operate in silos, with the inbound and outbound operations kept segregated. But it’s inevitable in an economic downturn that workforces will be trimmed-down and streamlined, so it makes sense to maximise the skill set of existing staff. By employing a call blending solution, managers will ensure that there are enough agents to handle calls when the volume is high, and that productivity levels do not slip when calls are fewer and further between. 
 “The importance of call blending is growing all the time; and those failing to implement it will lose out in the long run. The role of the contact centre is expanding and becoming more complex all the time, so to allow agents to handle a range of contact media – phone calls, email enquiries – will only serve to increase its effectiveness.” 
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