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Looking forward to call centre growth

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Yes we know that almost everyone is forecasting doom and gloom for 2009 but we are forecasting growth in the UK call centre industry this year. Have we gone mad? Why do we think that call centres will buck the general trend?

Offshore activities in decline?

The decline of offshore contact handling has been repeatedly forecast , but usually based on a “customers don’t like it argument”. And whilst the customer service perspective remains important, more fundamentally the economic tide has changed. Depending on the payment currency the cost of sending call centre activity offshore is likely to increase between 10 and 25% this year compared with last.

More staff available

The recent failures in the high street retail sector are clearly terrible for the companies and individuals involved, but there is a a silver lining to the dark clouds …. the decline on the high street means that qualified customer-focussed staff will become available to support the low-cost call centre retail channel.

But to take advantage of the growth opportunity call centre managers need to keep a close eye on opportunities to maintain and enhance productivity ……………..

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