CRM has evolved

At the turn of the millennium, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was trumpeted as the next great thing to drive efficiency in the call centre, increase sales and maximise service call resolution at the first point of contact.

In recent years the call centre’s purpose has changed from simple transactional activity to an environment where your customers can contact you for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of media. And in today’s fast moving consumer environments a call centre’s business aims and targets can be changed almost at the drop-of-a-hat. Our experience is that large centralised CRM systems simply cannot cope with the necessary speed of change. Failed attempts to align call centre dynamics with over-structured processes has led real-world call centre agents needing to work with a myriad of information systems, central IT, spreadsheets, external data verification and notes stuck to the computer screen! 

The challenges facing the call centre agent will only get more complex. Transactional call centre activity is swiftly migrating to ‘non-live’ media, such as Interactive Voice Response, the Internet, SMS and mobile data. This means that from the call centre agent’s perspective, the types of call received are less routine, more challenging and time-consuming. The agents’ skill sets will be less about dealing with the mechanics of transactions and much more about maintaining good relationships with customers using all the available information.

Managing and applying structure to a seemingly unstructured set of data sources is a major challenge for call centre agents.

This is where rostrvm CallGuide comes into play. CallGuide extends from simple call centre scripts to a unified customer interaction without being strait-jacketed by the underlying IT systems. At the same time as presenting context-and-customer-sensitive data from multiple sources a strong Contact Point Management system must also support business processes to ensure the right information is given and received at the right time.

We are not saying that CRM is dead. Quite the opposite.  The basic Customer Relationship Management philosophies are of clear benefit to the business and the customer. rostrvm CallGuide makes it easier for your agents to deliver the benefits.

If you want to know more about rostrvm CallGuide and how it can enhance your desktop application to make your agents more effective and efficient then  contact us.

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