Wake up to VoIP

Frankly we wouldn’t be surprised if the mere mention of Voice over IP was enough to make you yawn with boredom and click on to the next blog — but please bear with us and read on!

Every man and has dog have been trumpeting Voice over IP (VoIP) as the best thing since sliced bread for years; search for the phrase voip benefit in Google and you will get over 15 million matches.

But in reality the expected business benefits such as reduced operational and administrative costs have not been as significant as expected. And the promised innovative business applications combining telephone functions with open-standard IT systems have been slow to materialise. Until now.

 Rostrvm Solutions has adopted the latest VoIP standards to provide a range of ground-breaking applications for call centres of all sizes.

Evolution not revolution
We know that you already have a significant investment in call centre technology. The rostrvm call centre software suite is designed to complement and protect your existing call centre technology investment. For example, rostrvm extends the useful life of traditional PBX platforms while delivering sophisticated call centre functionality. You can enhance a basic telephony platform with rostrvm VoIP tools to undertake innovative, predictive dialler telemarketing campaigns Our approach is to help you to evolve your call centre. Our new applications transparently take advantage of the new technologies. It doesn’t matter whether you have the latest IT & Telephony network infrastructure or a 20-years-old PBX, rostrvm can turn your current platforms into a state-of-the-art call handling operation.

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