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Linking the web and the call centre

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Today’s consumer has a wide choice of channels to learn about products and services with the internet becoming a dominant first-point-of-contact for information. But when the customer wants to learn more there is no substitute for person-to-person contact.

For several years the rostrvm call centre application suite has incorporated facilities to link web contact such as forms, call me buttons and interactive quotation applications to the call centre. These links deliver the information the customer has provided on the web to the call centre agent and rostrvm automatically calls the customer. The agent is armed with relevant information and the call is made productively.

Until now this integration has been specifically configured for each call centre’s web site and call centre application. In order to reduce the complexity rostrvm has introduced a simple POST/GET interface. The new facility allows web sites to submit a call request directly to the call centre system. This request also contains the information the call centre agent needs to handle the request.

Ken Reid, Marketing Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented “This new development is another step in our strategic support for unified multimedia contact. In recent years the call centre’s purpose has changed from simple transactional activity to an environment where your customers can make contact for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of media. Our approach is to provide unified multimedia support to the call centre and deliver proactive support to the business to efficiently manage multiple contact points.”

Ofcom enforcement report indicates future increase in predictive dialler penalties

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Ofcom’s latest report into its Enforcement activities indicates that Ofcom is seeking an increase in penalties for misuse of predictive diallers. [Available here]

“At present the maximum penalty that Ofcom can impose for this behaviour[silent calls] is £50,000. We have made representations to Government about the possibility of increasing the maximum penalty for persistent misuse in order to further deter this type of behaviour.”

To learn how to ensure that dialler campaigns are both effective and compliant you should read our dialler planning guide available here.

Pontin’s uses hosted dialler to capitalise on boom

Sunday, May 10th, 2009
Following Opal’s announcement of its partnership with Rostrvm Solutions to provide hosted predictive dialler services the company has reported that the system is supporting Pontin’s, the holiday park company, to capitalise on the current boom for UK tourism and beat the recession.

The full Pontin’s hosted predictive dialler story can be read here.
Opal is the business to business division of The Carphone Warehouse Group Plc, who are the UK’s 3rd largest communications network operator.



Hosted predictive dialler benefits

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Hosted predictive diallers bring all the operational and business advantages of automated dialling to your call centre in a straightforward, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-afford package.

No capital investment

Our hosted dialler is designed to operate in your call centre without committing you to long term investments. The majority of call centres can take advantage of our hosted dialling facility with no capital investment at all. If you have a phone, a phone line, a PC that comfortably runs Windows XP and good access to the internet that you can use our dialler straight away.

No ‘lock in’

Talking to your customers and prospects is a really great idea – Well isn’t it?

Most of the time the business benefits of making calls are completely obvious; but there are occasions when it makes sense to test out the business case. Hosted diallers give you the opportunity to try out your business idea without commitment to long term investments.

No complex IT to support

Automated dialling demands clever technology. In a hosted deployment the complex components, software servers, relational databases, fast connections to the telephone network and high-speed data networking are all handled ‘in the cloud’. All of these solution elements are managed for you by the hosted dialler supplier.

All you need is a phone line , a standard PC and an internet link for each of your call centre agents and system managers and you can be up and running.

If you would like us to discuss your requirements in more detail, then contact us via

Predictive dialler regulation briefing at planning forum

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The first UK Outbound Planning Forum – sponsored by Rostrvm Solutions – took place last week.

A large part of the event was taken up in discussion with Ofcom regarding predictive dialer regulation and  in particular making allowance for predictive dialler answer machine detect (AMD) false positives

A copy of Ofcom’s presentation is available at the Professional Planning Forum web site 

A key point that the presentation does not contain was covered in detail during the discussion; if you choose to use automated answer machine detect then you must do your own false-positive testing related to your environment and campaigns. It was explicitly stated that Ofcom will not accept generic manufacturer tests for false-positive rates as evidence in an investigation.