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Open letter from Ofcom for predictive dialler users

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Earlier this week Ofcom released an ‘open letter’ to users of automated calling systems (predictive diallers) re-emphasising the guidance issued a couple of months ago. The letter doesn’t add any new information but acts as a timely reminder that there is only about a month to go to the February deadline.

Ofcom’s letter is available at their web site

Homeworking saves costs for council

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Contact centres which are using a VoIP-enabled system and broadband to allow their staff to work at home are reaping the benefits, especially during wintry conditions.

Canterbury City Council is one case in point, having improved its overall productivity, at a crucial time for local authorities, by homeworking. It has embarked on a phased replacement of its PBX, starting with a VoIP-enabled system for the contact centre, to gain multi-channel ACD functionality. It has achieved this with rostrvm CallDirectorACD inbound contact management software and rostrvm CallGuide on the desktop, with process management functions.

Cathy Eastwood, Customer Services Manager, explains, “The Contact Centre needed to maintain call-handling efficiency at all times but also wanted to provide staff, who work in shifts, with a sensible work/life balance. Controlling costs, of course, was vital.

“The Rostrvm team demonstrated a sound understanding of the requirements of local councils and how we could deliver results within our budget. rostrvm CallDirector ACD met our needs and integrated well with our CRM system. The majority of our 47 staff are now set up to work from home, 20 doing so on a regular basis, and two working permanently from home. This has produced a very positive outcome in terms of improved productivity, efficiency and motivation.”

Homeworking has meant that Canterbury City Council can quickly scale up the operation with the existing workforce during peak periods, without the need to provide additional accommodation and equipment at the office-based location.

Cathy adds, “The Rostrvm team took time to understand our needs and quickly entered into a customer-focussed relationship with us. The sales and support teams proactively assisted us with training and supporting the Canterbury City Council staff while they developed their skills on the technical and system administration aspects.”

For further information please get in touch via our contact us page.

Seasons Greetings from us…

Friday, December 17th, 2010

From all at Rostrvm Solutions  — To our customers, a big thank you for your business and your loyalty. To our partners, our gratitude for your cooperation and support. To you and yours, we wish a peaceful Christmas and a cracking 2011. Have a good one!

As usual, rather than producing a physical greeting card,  we have chosen to make a charitable contribution and create an electronic greeting. You can see the greeting and play the mini-game here

Contact centre excellence – imagine it, achieve it

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Customer contact services have experienced a significant change in what their customers expect and the way that they want to do things over the last few years. Whilst economic pressures mean contact centres are forced to ‘do more with less’, customers are more prepared to complain, negotiate and demand. Added to this is the growing familiarity with the internet and other social media – creating a need for investment in a much wider range of communications channels to remove the walls between business and customer.

Contact centres must not fail. Their performance has a massive impact on customer perception and the reputation of a company. They have to meet customer expectations or they risk being instantly complained about on every social network from blogs to tweets.

Managers of contact centres grapple with planning strategies and the financial implications and it’s not all down to the IT department anymore. They are looking for smart contact centre technology which will give them flexibility and functionality and they know staff must be trained to get the best out of the equipment they use, to better support and manage customer calls.

Contact centres not only need the technology to be able to interact with customers using their preferred method, but also the tools to analyse those interactions: capturing real-time customer information enables agents to resolve issues without repeat contact; they can call a customer by their preferred name; know when to upsell existing products or call a customer with promotional offers…

Yet getting all this technology can seem impossible when sat alongside the ‘doing more with less’ agenda – if considered within the restraints of traditional telephony communications.

Andy Willson of UK-owned and based contact centre software developer, Rostrvm Solutions, says, “The obstacles only get knocked down when you introduce flexibility of interfacing ability. Contact centres need products that work with whatever infrastructure they have but still provide them with the functionality they need to evolve. It is important to get a product that is flexible and insulates the core business from the rest of the IT infrastructure.”

The issue of wanting to maintain tight financial control can be addressed with the right technology. Software provides functionality and future-proofs the business because it doesn’t require major capital expenditure. Apart from robust technology, contact centres need suppliers who know what they are doing and who commit to understanding the business.

Peter Brown of Rostrvm Solutions says, “There is a lot at stake in contact centre communications, because it is so business critical. Contact centres are looking for that ‘diamond in the dust’ – robust technology that will keep up with – and surpass – their customers’ needs, be user-friendly and make them substantial profits rather than cost them a fortune. They need flexibility in the way they work with suppliers – they may find hosted environments help because it reduces costs, or they might need a choice of payment method like a subscription-based arrangement where you only pay when you use the product.”

Times have truly changed but the real walls seem to be our imaginations; the technology has already burst through the glass ceiling and is ready and waiting.

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Annual customer satisfaction survey under way

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Customer feedback and comments are a central component in developing Rostrvm Solutions’ services and products.

We are writing to and calling each of our customers requesting few minutes  to complete a survey so that we can gain views on how we are performing.

These opinions will help to ensure that we

  • meet the needs of the changing contact centre environment
  • keep in step with business requirements
  • provide the information our customers want and need in the most relevant offer
  • continue to deliver the high quality of service that our customers expect and deserve