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Back Office – Today’s hot topic

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

How often have you called an organisation that promised to complete a task, which was never fulfilled? It is a scenario that occurs daily and increasing numbers of organisations are finding that such incidents ultimately cost them money. As businesses seek to minimise costs, the back office has emerged as the buzzword for 2011 as a key driver of increased operational efficiency.

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SuperVisor Designer – Hints and Tips

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Continuing our series of articles supporting technical users of rostrvm with advice and ideas to get the most out of the rostrvm system we have recently added a number of  hints and tips covering  SuperVisor Designer – our tool  allowing you to design the way in which the data you have stored is displayed on wallboards or any other visual device – available here.

 The articles and ideas are derived from some of the most common ‘How do I?’ questions received at our service desk

Calling iPad users

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

We’ve noticed a big rise in the number of visitors to our blog and web site using mobile devices including the iPad. To cater for the mobile visitor we’ve added a mobile-friendly interface to our blog. If you are visiting from a mobile device then you already know what it looks like, but if not here’s a quick peek…..

Call Centre Direct - iPad image

Call Centre Direct - iPad image

Discover flexible software

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Discover Leisure plc, a premier outdoor leisure retailer specialising in the caravan and motorhome market, has maximised its resources and saved on installation time by adding rostrvm software to existing communications technology.

Discover required a dialler to automate and integrate outbound customer service calls, insurance renewals, and after sales follow-up.

Tim Ormrod, IT Manager at Discover, said, “We had already invested in VoIP technology to save money on telephone calls. Rostrvm software is very flexible so we were able to integrate the dialler with our existing VoIP gateway and ViBE. ViBE delivers QOS, a significant increase in call throughput over existing bandwidth, Encryption, Line Bonding, Failover capabilities to ensure the calls stay in progress, and realtime stats on the underlying network in use.”

Tim adds, “We also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on laptops, to connect to the Rostrvm dialler, to enable some of our employees to work from home – ensuring that we can provide an uninterrupted service at all times.

“We made considerable savings and it was all deployed very rapidly with Rostrvm. As well as the Outbound dialler, we also benefit from the rostrvm CallDirectorACD inbound contact management system, which has allowed us to enhance our service offering to customers by improving the way that calls are dealt with and managed.”

Now, customer calls from all regions are automatically routed into Discover’s Head Office over VoIP and picked up and displayed on the Rostrvm system, where they can be handled appropriately.

Tim said, “Head Office can either take the call or divert it back out to the relevant person, which has improved our customer response times and the quality of our customer service. In addition, the call is logged so we can see who called, at what time, for what department and maintain a record of everything that’s going on. All the information in rostrvm has been integrated with our back-end management system that holds all the details of our stock, customer data etc, to support faster customer service. The ease of integration and the support that we have received has been excellent.”

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