Contact Centre MIS via a blu-ray player

In our previous post we mentioned that we were waiting for additional devices to test with our Contact Centre management information system….

We’ve successfully checked out rostrvm call centre MIS using a ‘smart’ blu ray player. We simply pointed the player’s in-built browser at the rostrvm web server and entered the appropriate logon details.

rostrvm blu ray

rostrvm  conforms to standards. This means that any device with a ‘standard’ browser  and network access to the rostrvm database can  be used to deliver management information. So as well as the usual PCs and browsers  – Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome we’ve delivered call centre MIS to mobile phones and tablets (including iPhone and iPad), browser-enabled ‘smart’ TVs & blu ray players and the Raspberry Pi.

Management information has grown in importance this year; delivery of timely, insightful management information will be one of the key business drivers in 2013.

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