New look web site

We’re pleased to announce our new-look Rostrvm website has been launched with answers to help you solve your contact centre challenges and increase profitability.

A quick ‘heads-up’ on what you can find on our website:

Our website offers you useful tools, including  call centre calculator tools, to help calculate inbound call centre staffing needs. There are also helpful contact centre and back office planning tools, such as those to calculate the cost of abandoned calls and an online predictive dialler calculator. Everything you need to get better results from your campaigns.

 » Are you looking for better results from your inbound contact centre?  

Rostrvm can give you the solutions you need because we listen and have the experience to deliver the right tools at the right time. For ACD, Intelligent contact routing, IVR, reduction of abandoned calls and web call back visit our website and talk to us. We really can help!

» Is your outbound contact centre making successful, profitable contact?

With our rostrvm predictive dialler, outbound SMS and email you will catch your customers and contacts at the right time, in the right place and in the right frame of mind to buy!

» Are your staff struggling with too many incompatible or slow systems and processes, turning off your customers and reducing productivity?  

Rostrvm has a desktop solution which rationalises messy desktops and integrates systems for both the call centre and back office, so you and your staff can work smarter, faster and with confidence.

» Do you want to measure, record and analyse performance?   Rostrvm provides Management Information and call recording software so that you really know what’s going on, what’s working, what’s not and how to make changes for the better.

» Do you need to stretch resources further?

Our blending technology helps you ensure staff are working to full capacity at all times and customers don’t have to wait or be passed around.

» Would planning tools be useful to you? In complex contact centres and back office environments, getting the basics right is essential.

Rostrvm has a whole range of relevant, useful planning tools to make your job easier.

Rostrvm offers value for money and robust, future-proof, flexible tools to get your contact centre where you need it to be. Don’t just take our word for it, visit our new-look, easy-to-use website to see what our customers say about us too.

Visit or call us on: 0800 6122 192

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