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How many people do I need?

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

A new calculator has been added to the suite of free planning tools for call centres and ‘back office’ tasks available to registered users on the rostrvm web site

The rostrvm Back Office calculator provides you with an indicative forecast of the number of staff required to manage a task workload such as  preparing contact documentation or processing insurance claims or any other off-phone tasks.

This new facility is available here.

Putting task management back on the agenda

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Is your organisation meeting customer expectations? Are there disparate technologies and processes in your organisation making it difficult to consistently measure tasks life cycles’? Is the lack of management information limiting opportunities to enhance performance?

Introducing the rostrvm Task Management Suite:
The rostrvm Task Management Suite is an innovative set of software applications that optimise your business operations. rostrvm integrates with your CRM systems, desktop applications and other supporting technologies to provide total visibility of the processes within your organisation, making it easier to fulfil your obligations to your customers.

  • Tracks activities, processes and customer promises from start to finish
  • Drives efficient work distribution and task processing
  • Provides comprehensive operational support and management information
  • Consolidates desktops and simplifies navigation
  • Supports people, processes and system monitoring

rostrvm provides the management information to know what you are doing, how you have done and the data to plan for the future. For more information, please contact us

Contact centre survey highlights opportunities for savings

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

In a survey carried out by call centre software provider Rostrvm Solutions, over 70% of contact centres relied on back office teams to complete customer transactions, yet nearly half were not measuring operational performance in the back office. Another key finding was that whilst the use of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is increasing, over half of respondents still did not use CTI in their call operations, despite the benefits it offers such as intelligent call routing and improved call handling.

Another area where cost savings can be made is by improving call handling through use of Computer Telephony Integration.

Two out of three call centres surveyed by Rostrvm still use three or more applications at the agent desktop to process transactions. Desktop optimisation technology offers many advantages in call handling and back office environments; it integrates many of the applications which teams typically use to process a transaction providing a single interface, removing repetitive data handling, reducing errors and supporting business processes. By adopting this technology, organisations can reduce avoidable contact, workload and ultimately costs.

Full survey details are available here

Latest rostrvm News available now

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Topics covered in this issue include:

The current newsletter and our back catalogue are available here.

Demands for change in the contact centre

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

The contact centre is being bombarded by demands for change from every angle. Drastic changes in the economy have caused everyone to rethink their buying and spending; customers are expecting service faster, better and through a diverse range of media; new regulations continue to be rolled out, affecting how operations are run; and internet technology continues to have a huge impact.

Process scriptingHow to manage change is perhaps the biggest challenge this year for the contact centre and for getting it right for the customer. Customers can make contact for a whole host of reasons and interactions are less routine, more challenging and time-consuming – involving emails, texts and so on. Maintaining good relationships requires that agents have instant access to all the available customer information, no matter where that data is held; clients have had their fill of being passed around or having to wait whilst information is found.

All this needs to be successfully managed but with an eye on cost and on the need for simplicity – if an existing system is working fairly well but needs new functions, no one necessarily wants to throw it out and start again. And no one wants a complex system as that just causes a whole new set of problems! The latest version of rostrvm introduces a new paradigm – Contact Point Management.

Ken Reid of Rostrvm explains, “Contact Point Management reduces transaction time significantly and saves money. For example, when a customer calls it can tell you what happened in a previous call and when you last called them; it updates client profiles to all data storage places, and there is no limit to the information that can be linked to customer contact campaigns. All information is presented in a single rostrvm CallGuide user interface, making your agents more efficient and dramatically reducing training time.”

To learn more about the specific benefits that Contact Point Management can bring to your contact centre and back office please call Rostrvm Solutions on 0800 6122 192 or visit

Beyond the four walls of the call centre

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Every business needs to communicate with its customers. Call centres began life as a centralised point for conducting relatively straightforward transactional activities such as  receiving requests for product information, taking orders, reviewing account balances and resolving common service requests.

The increasing availability of consumer self service methods such as the internet and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems means that increasingly basic activities never reach a call centre agent. In turn this transition means that the calls that are delivered to the call centre are more complex and demand more in-depth skills from the agents. The knock on effect is that your customer’s call may require very specific skills to deliver an effective answer.

In ‘traditional’ call centres, customer service staff would be entirely focussed upon dealing with customer contacts. In the new environment the specialists who deal with complex customer enquiries often have multi-faceted job roles; handling customer enquiries is just one task in a busy day.

To revolutionise customer service the enterprise needs to capture, manage and measure all available resources to support contact handling, the sales office, the back office, and even staff out in the field.

The latest rostrvm release delivers the tools to bring the disciplines and technologies available in the formal call centre to this informal enterprise-wide contact management environment.

Skills based routing to deliver telephone calls to the right place at the right time

Ensuring that emails are passed to the team that can properly respond

Responding to web enquiries

Support tools including process scripts

Managing and monitoring performance – how well are we servicing our customers? How many sales do we make? Who makes the sales? Who is answering queries most effectively?

Keeping your promises to get back to customers