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Blending helps contact centres improve and save

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Many organisations, particularly local authorities and others in the public sector, are under pressure to deliver services at a significantly reduced cost, due to spending cuts. Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer, looks at ways to lessen the impact on the customer.

It’s possible to keep customers at the heart of operations and introduce more services to the call centre with little or no extra resource. Innovative use of call centre technology will increase call handling levels and improve life for both the workforce and customer.

This is crucial at a time when hard-pressed customers are more likely to complain – and the call centre agents in the firing line need something which will help them and lift their morale. So technology which improves quality of service is the answer and blending is a good example.

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Get the mix and get it right

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Successful contact centres are those that have the technology and people to be able to adapt rapidly to changing demands – and that doesn’t have to mean constantly spending more – says Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer.

Doing a thorough overview of the contact centre in terms of what it is trying to achieve, who/what is needed to meet those aims, technology requirements and available budget is the starting point. Sticking to your strengths and speaking to experts who can assist in weaker areas is crucial to gaining a full picture before making any improvements.

Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions says, “Having the right mix of people and technology to be flexible is key to optimising resources and reducing expenditure. Contact centre customers still expect to be able to speak to a human being quickly and easily despite the huge growth in web facilities, so blending (swapping staff over to different tasks during down times) will ensure that agents’ skills and time are maximised. Modern software which enables blending will help to keep customers – and staff – happy.”

The rostrvm Prophet contact centre consulting methodology ensures that your contact centre operates to its optimum performance. Our consultants can help when you are first planning the enhancement of your contact centre operation, or used by existing contact centres to identify areas that require further optimisation.

Blending social media in the call centre

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Embracing social media can enhance business. Gaining experience could be the difference between being competitive in 2012 or perhaps losing the race. There are some do’s and don’ts to consider before launching in and here are our top 10…

1. Don’t panic and assume that social media is a must – carry out some research to check that these platforms are relevant and appropriate for your brand and customer base.
2. Do set out a well considered and thorough social media strategy before you start procuring, training, recruiting… merely dabbling can be a dangerous pastime because of the public nature of social media – and you must abide by the rules of each channel. Be prepared and informed so that you get it right first time.
3. Don’t forget customer service! Customers expect the same level of service and the contact centre must remain the human interface whatever medium is being used.
4. Do ensure the platform fits the purpose for which it is being used – for example, Twitter is great for swift responses to customers and listening to what they are saying but it might not be ideal for resolving a customer service issue.
5. Do be aware of ‘social customer service’ where customers assist each other via social media platforms to resolve issues instead of contacting the company concerned. Consider how your organisation can best support blogs and forums and moderate what is being said about it discreetly.
6. Do be transparent and genuine in your communications – social media is about engaging with other people, not manipulating them, and they will quickly see through a ‘heavy sell’ badly disguised as chat. Respond in an informal manner that is acceptable to the user.
7. Do carefully consider how you will integrate social media into your existing channels. For example you can upload your promotional marketing emails onto Facebook, to be shared by recipients on their own Facebook pages free of charge.
8. Do respond to the customer when they are using the company’s online site. This might be by using a Callback system, which recognizes that a user is staying on a particular page and triggers a pop-up window enabling that user to request a telephone call from an agent; or webchat – which is similar but an online live chat session is started by the contact centre agent.
9. Do consider that once social networking is established, contacts into your telephone and email channels will go down and will offset costs to implement social media.
10. Do be aware that social media can be integrated into a contact centre by using software alongside the existing ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system. Inbound SMS, email, social media, web chat and faxes can be delivered to the relevant agent in each queue.

25 years solid experience powers software developer Rostrvm Solutions

Monday, December 12th, 2011

As Woking-based contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions celebrates 25 years we asked Ken Reid about the ingredients of its success and how it has seen off more than one recession!

25 years of contact centre software

25 years of call centre software

Q: Why do you think Rostrvm Solutions has been successful in the contact centre business and continues to be so today, even during these tough economic times?

I think it’s because Rostrvm has its own research and development facility so that we can be innovative and produce products that are future-proof, which is vital with telecommunications. Our software is flexible and can be used with all kinds of hardware and other systems – hosted or on-site. Of course cost plays a part – our products provide value for money and that is only possible because we configure our software to exactly meet the needs of our customers. Rostrvm is proud of its reputation for listening to its customers.

When you design, develop and support software applications for the call centre and back office process management and reporting, you really have to be sure you come up with the right solution each time and we are experts at it.

Customers often say to us that we were the first contact centre technology supplier they spoke to who had enough experience to be able to ‘hit the ground running’ by understanding business needs instead of ‘trying to fit a square peg into a round hole’.

Q: How did Rostrvm start and what experience has it gained?

Rostrvm was established in 1986 as the technology division of a financial trading applications company, royalblue – but we actually go back further than that – to Intercom Data Systems (IDS), which was founded in 1981.

IDS were an independently-owned software company, supplying solutions to the telecommunications, financial and helpdesk industry. A noteworthy innovation by IDS was the Operator Assistance Software (OAS), one of the world’s largest computer-supported telephony applications at the time. It was used by BT’s Operator Services to deliver a wide range of call handling and information services and, crucially, was part of the digital transformation of the PSTN in the UK. The technology under which OAS operated was the precursor to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and provided the link between an organisation’s telephony, its information systems and its people. It was essentially the first generation of the rostrvm platform that we have today.

A change of name by IDS to royalblue technologies in the mid-eighties, coupled with a new public image saw its CTI platform, rostrvm, quickly emerge as the leading UK player in the telephony software market; rostrvm and royalblue stood out in an increasingly US-dominated market.

Rostrvm Solutions retains a strong culture of independence with a clear understanding of customers’ real operational needs, with the aim of being ahead of the game and delivering clear financial benefits. We have extensive experience and a successful track record in supplying software solutions to some of the largest call handling operations in the public and private sectors.

Q: You mentioned the importance of being ahead of the game with your products so that they take customers forward …

Absolutely. Moving with the times is essential to any business but especially in communications – just look at the vast changes we have seen over the last 20 years! During the 1990s the call centre expanded from an ‘inbound’ customer service focus to incorporate proactive technologies such as the rostrvm predictive dialler. And towards the end of the 20th Century, productivity through call centre blending and support tools for call centre agents gained emphasis. New technologies such as the Internet and mobile communication have made an even bigger impact on the call centre, making it more of a ‘contact’ centre and even changing the way people work in them. The continued evolution of this industry will always be linked to the development of communication technology, and Rostrvm is working on further innovations for the future as we speak.

Q: How do you keep things fresh?

Keeping on with our research, listening to our users and having the best engineers ensure we stay ahead and that our customers trust us to provide innovative solutions for them.
Our continued commitment to technological and commercial innovation led to recognition by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan and the presentation of an award for “Global Excellence in Technology Innovation”.

Q: What next?

Our rostrvm application suite helps organisations to achieve and exceed business objectives whilst delivering personalised customer service.

The contact centre faces significant challenges; consumers want to use an increasing number of communications channels – including social media – whilst economic conditions mean that costs need to be contained. In summary more needs to be done with less.

Technologies such as rostrvm’s ResourceBroker task blending and the associated operational and management challenges will come to the forefront.

Telefocus – finalists at Contact Centre Innovations Awards

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Telefocus Limited, an outsourced call centre provider of high performance inbound and outbound campaigns, was a finalist at The Contact Centre Innovation Awards 2011. Telefocus utilises the rostrvm CallDirector ACD inbound call handling software and outbound dialler service from Rostrvm Solutions.

The Contact Centre Innovation Awards were held at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham’s NEC, as part of the Customer Conference Planning 2011 conference, organised by the Professional Planning Forum.

Telefocus tailors its services to provide cost-effective marketing solutions. In the last two years alone, it has achieved over 1,000,000 sales of client products and services.

The Contact Centre Innovation Awards are a showcase for organisations that are leading the way in making their contact centre operations great places to work and to contact. This includes innovations that put the customer at the heart of call handling and back office operations.

During the Telefocus presentation at the Professional Planning Forum conference the benefits of using rostrvm software were highlighted including being able to use blending between inbound and outbound campaigns, quality improvements, more fulfilled staff, reduced inbound abandon rates, smaller average customer queue times, less system training time required and 50% more calls handled using the same resource as before.

Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions commented, “We are delighted that Telefocus was a finalist for this prestigious award and congratulate them on their achievements. Innovation often triumphs through being flexible and we are pleased that the Rostrvm software, together with Rostrvm’s pay-for-use service, has helped Telefocus achieve its goals and more.”

For further information please get in touch via our contact us page.

Contact centre excellence – imagine it, achieve it

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Customer contact services have experienced a significant change in what their customers expect and the way that they want to do things over the last few years. Whilst economic pressures mean contact centres are forced to ‘do more with less’, customers are more prepared to complain, negotiate and demand. Added to this is the growing familiarity with the internet and other social media – creating a need for investment in a much wider range of communications channels to remove the walls between business and customer.

Contact centres must not fail. Their performance has a massive impact on customer perception and the reputation of a company. They have to meet customer expectations or they risk being instantly complained about on every social network from blogs to tweets.

Managers of contact centres grapple with planning strategies and the financial implications and it’s not all down to the IT department anymore. They are looking for smart contact centre technology which will give them flexibility and functionality and they know staff must be trained to get the best out of the equipment they use, to better support and manage customer calls.

Contact centres not only need the technology to be able to interact with customers using their preferred method, but also the tools to analyse those interactions: capturing real-time customer information enables agents to resolve issues without repeat contact; they can call a customer by their preferred name; know when to upsell existing products or call a customer with promotional offers…

Yet getting all this technology can seem impossible when sat alongside the ‘doing more with less’ agenda – if considered within the restraints of traditional telephony communications.

Andy Willson of UK-owned and based contact centre software developer, Rostrvm Solutions, says, “The obstacles only get knocked down when you introduce flexibility of interfacing ability. Contact centres need products that work with whatever infrastructure they have but still provide them with the functionality they need to evolve. It is important to get a product that is flexible and insulates the core business from the rest of the IT infrastructure.”

The issue of wanting to maintain tight financial control can be addressed with the right technology. Software provides functionality and future-proofs the business because it doesn’t require major capital expenditure. Apart from robust technology, contact centres need suppliers who know what they are doing and who commit to understanding the business.

Peter Brown of Rostrvm Solutions says, “There is a lot at stake in contact centre communications, because it is so business critical. Contact centres are looking for that ‘diamond in the dust’ – robust technology that will keep up with – and surpass – their customers’ needs, be user-friendly and make them substantial profits rather than cost them a fortune. They need flexibility in the way they work with suppliers – they may find hosted environments help because it reduces costs, or they might need a choice of payment method like a subscription-based arrangement where you only pay when you use the product.”

Times have truly changed but the real walls seem to be our imaginations; the technology has already burst through the glass ceiling and is ready and waiting.

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